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Living Tiny Legally is a documentary by Tiny House Expedition.

It’s a 3 part series (you can watch Part 1 and Part 2 for FREE below).

And if you’d like, you can help fund Part 3 right here.

Images © Tiny House Expedition/YouTube

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We got a tip last week that Cook County, Minnesota is tiny house friendly, but I wanted to double-check before spreading a rumor.

I contacted Bill Lane, the Planning and Zoning Administrator for Cook County, and he straightened out the details and specifics for those of you interested in going tiny in Minnesota. It’s certainly not a free-for-all, but they are more receptive than many counties!

In short: You’ll need to build on a foundation (or remove the wheels) and comply with zoning and building regulations (and pay taxes!), but it can be done.

Take a look at some pictures of Grand Marais, named one of the coolest US small towns by CNN, and then read what Bill told us below!

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Cook County, MN Allows Foundation Tiny Homes

Tiny House Friendly Land in Cook County, MN

Photography by Bryan Hansel/MPR

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This is a tiny house on wheels by California Tiny Houses parked in front of Fresno City Hall.

The city updated its zoning code to legalize the use of tiny homes on trailers.

Great news, isn’t it? Pretty soon we hope to see more cities doing the same. Please enjoy, learn more, and help spread the word with by re-sharing below. Thank you!

Fresno Legalizes Tiny Houses with New Zoning Change


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You’re probably one of many people who desperately wish it was easier to live in tiny houses legally without having to move across the country.

Right now, there are places to live tiny, but there’s not that many. In fact, it’s still illegal in most places and there aren’t far enough tiny house friendly communities out there to support us.

That’s why Alexis, Christian, Kai, and a handful of other tiny house enthusiasts are coming together to create a free documentary to educate people on legal tiny house living options. I’m confident that this will directly impact and influence the number of tiny house communities throughout the world. And right now you can help raise money for this free film by selecting and purchasing a perk to receive with your donation. Please enjoy the film preview below, learn more, and re-share below because we need your help to spread the word! Thanks!

Yes, You Can Help Living Tiny Become Legal!

Living Tiny Legally 01

Images © Tiny House Expedition via YouTube and IndieGoGo

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This article on how to get zoning passed for tiny houses is a guest post by Rene’ Hardee ([email protected]) who is head of the Florida chapter of the American Tiny House Association

How do I get zoning passed for Tiny Houses?

Tiny Houses. You’ve heard of them. You’ve watched the shows. You may have read some blogs, or liked a group on Facebook about them. You’re intrigued. Could I really live like that? And the more you watch, and the more you read, the more you answer “yes”. This is new. This is exciting! This challenges the status quo and makes me question my definition of “success” and “living”. I want in. I’m going to do it. I’m building my own Tiny House! So…where can I put it?

And there is it. The unicorn of all questions regarding Tiny Houses… WHERE CAN I PUT IT?

This question has plagued me ever since I got wind of this magnificent movement that is sweeping the Nation. Whenever I asked this question, I usually encountered either one of two answers; a complete avoidance of my question, substituted by more selling as to why I should build a Tiny House, or a lot of uncomfortable silences and eye contact avoidance, peppered with some “wells” and “uhms”. Neither answer was satisfactory for me.

How Do I Get Zoning Passed for Tiny Houses in my Area?


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“York County Board of Supervisors has appealed a zoning board decision so that they may force a couple to remove their 415-square-foot home from a mobile home community.

Tom and Karen Rogers, who have lived in Bruton Park for several years in a different structure, said they had already purchased their custom-built home from LiL’ Lodges in Florida before they were told the home wouldn’t be permitted in the county. They bought the home with money they got after their fifth-wheel recreational vehicle, which was parked in the same community, was damaged by a tree, Karen Rogers said.

Tom and Karen Rogers, who have lived in Bruton Park for several years in a different structure, said they had already purchased their new 420-square-foot home from LiL’ Lodges in Florida before they were told the home wouldn’t be permitted in York County.”

Source: Daily Press

Images © Joe Fudge/Daily Press
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