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Today we wanted to introduce you to the UK-based tiny house builder, The Tiny Housing Co., and one of their models, the Natura. This home has a totally unique roof-line that makes it stand out in the crowd of tiny homes.

The interior is sleek and modern, and if you upgrade to the “eco” package you’ll get even more solar panels to make it possible to get nearly all your electricity off-the-grid. There’s also an option for a wood-burning stove connected to under-floor heating — how cool!

The Natura starts at 49,999 GBP (~$63,700 USD), while the “eco” upgrades come in at 54,999 GBP (~$70,000 USD). You can buy yours here.

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The Natura by The Tiny Housing Co in UK

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Emily and her husband Cameron first lived together in a narrowboat before moving back on land into a stationary caravan in the United Kingdom, which means they’re no strangers to living tiny.

She’s decorated the place into a Bohemian wonderland and they love their tiny life with their two dogs! We interviewed her about her tiny lifestyle, so be sure to check out the Q&A at the end of the post. She also told us about what it’s been like living tiny during COVID-19.

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Emily’s Hippy Caravan in the United Kingdom

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