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Roman & Ioana got started on their minimalist journey simply doing weekend caravan trips. Soon that turned into van-life-ing it across Europe. After all that, they wanted to continue living small and decided to build their own tiny house!

They focused on making it a sustainable, off-grid home that’s good for them and for the environment! This endeavor even made them start up a small business to help others build their tinies as well — so awesome. Oh, and did I mention they have no mortgage?

Thanks to James D. for sharing this with us! You can follow the couple on Instagram here.

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Their Off-Grid DIY Tiny House in Switzerland

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Pierre and Lea live with their young daughter in a stunning off-grid tiny house perched in the Swiss Alps. It features a giant family-sized bed (no loft!) with amazing under-bed clothing storage drawers, a Montessori-inspired children’s space, and a bathroom with a stunning stone shower.

The home is heated with a large wood-burning stove, and solar panels provide electricity. They have some really clever storage/tiny house hacks including a folding stool that comes out of the cabinets in the kitchen, and embroidery hoops to provide shade/privacy through the circular windows.

Enjoy the lovely tour with Alternative House posted below, and follow the family on Instagram here.

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Their Off-Grid Home with No Loft!

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