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Here’s your chance to get into tiny living for a great deal! This 360 square foot tiny house (not on wheels) is for sale in Massachusetts for just $25,000. With the prices of lumber these days and skyrocketing prices for everything else, it’s pretty rare to see a tiny house this inexpensive. You will have to pay the cost for removal, though.

The one-floor home has a gambrel-style roof and a full kitchen and bathroom. It would make a great candidate for a Murphy Bed, or maybe just a futon. You can contact the seller on Facebook Marketplace.

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Just $25,000 For This Brand New Tiny House

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Shed conversions are such a great way to get the main structure of your tiny house completed inexpensively. But this 320 square foot tiny house for sale in Jasper, Georgia is more than a shell — the inside has been finished out with plumbing, electrical and some basic built-ins to make it move-in ready!

Both the inside and outside are white and bright, and the inside has two lofts (one easily fits a queen bed). There’s a spacious living area with a built-in workspace, and a kitchen that’s nearly completed. In the bathroom you’ll find a shower stall and composting toilet. The whole thing can be hooked up to a generator for off-grid living.

It’s only $22,500, and there are so many ways you can customize it! Contact the seller here.

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$22.5K Shed-Turned-Tiny-House For Sale in GA

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