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In a tiny house, using every inch of space is of utmost importance. That’s why the closet!BOOM! system is such a great way to organize your hanging clothing in a compact area. This innovative closet rod allows you to hang clothing on special thin hangers and then push the whole arm flat against the wall.

The company sells the “naked” rods, or you can also purchase thin wardrobes in a number of sizes to hide the clothing. The rods and wardrobes come in a number of styles and finishes to fit any decor. If you have a larger side table, you can even stagger the rods to get up to 3x the storage space. What do you think?

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Best Way To Hang Clothes in a Tiny House?

ClosetBoom Compact Solution for Hanging Clothes in a Tiny Home 2

Images by closet!BOOM!

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