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This beautiful 28-foot tiny house was built in 2018 and is for sale by the owner! It includes a super cool elevator bed over the living room area, so you don’t have to climb a ladder if you aren’t up for it. That said, there is an 8-foot loft if you need it for more sleeping or storage.

A bump out on the side of the trailer has a large desk/table, so you can set up a permanent office space. There’s a 3/4 bathroom at the end of the THOW, as well as a galley kitchen with everything but an oven. You can purchase it for $75K in Eatonville, Washington.

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Elevator Bed Tiny House w/ Rustic Pine Interior: $75K

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Janis and Glen were nearing retirement age and looking for a downsizing option that would let them live close to the water. When they came across a renovated Airstream in the Tiny Tranquility park, they jumped at the opportunity. But the Airstream ended up being a little too tiny — so Janis started researching tiny house companies until she finally settled on Timbercraft Tiny Homes.

Her nearly 400-square foot home is absolutely stunning, with a ground floor bedroom for her and her husband, a loft room for their daughter, a large bathroom, and a great room/kitchen with bright blue cabinetry. All the windows inside let in stunning natural light. Let us know what you think!

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Their Gorgeous Timbercraft Tiny Home with Ground Floor Bedroom

Retired Couple Downsized to Airstream & Upsized to Custom THOW 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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