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This is the story of how Los Angeles is in the process of possibly legalizing movable tiny houses as backyard homes, according to LATCH Collective/YouTube, the city is working on an ordinance to allow it in some backyards. That’s good news! Watch the clip below to learn and see more.

As seen on CBS news, LATCH Collective offers workshops, webinars and hands on build experience. Los Angeles is in the process of legalizing movable tiny houses as backyard homes.1

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LA Legalizing Backyard THOWs?

LA In The Process of Possibly Legalizing Backyard THOWs To Create Affordable Housing via LATCH Collective 001

Images via LATCH Collective

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If you thought assembling a bed from Ikea was a headache-inducing experience, imagine being tasked to build a whole (if tiny) house for pennies on the dollar.

That was the assignment tasked to two Danish architecture students who were challenged by Ikea to create an adaptable living structure that would use as few materials as possible, as cheaply as possible. (You can see where this is going: Ikea is totally going to flat-pack a house eventually).

Ikea Flat Pack Tiny House

Image via Digital Trends

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Ever wonder what living in a tiny house is really like? Business Insider just went after that very question to find out.

Tiny houses are painted as a minimalist utopia — and while many tiny home dwellers love the lifestyle that brings, it doesn’t come without a few challenges.

Tiny houses have their perks — they’re both environmentally and budget friendly. But living in such tight quarters can create unique, unexpected problems, like difficult zoning laws, easier wear and tear, taking care of compost toilets, and quick messes, to name a few.

Tiny House in a Campground by Paul VanDerWerf

Image by Paul VanDerWerf via Flickr

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) – Lake Merritt is often called the gem of Oakland. It’s home to the nation’s first and oldest bird sanctuary. It’s also home to at least 65 homeless people.

As a solution, the city is opening 20 community cabins, or ‘tuff sheds’, that will house 40 people at the Henry Kaiser Convention Parking lot. This is the third such community to be built in Oakland.

“I’ve moved around two times around here before I got to this spot and I just don’t really have another place to go,” said Andrew Flory.


Photo by James Frid from Pexels

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LORETTO — Saint Francis University is digging into the tiny house trend as part of its Energy Technology and Policy program.

The typical American home is about 2,600 square feet, whereas the typical small or tiny house is between 100 and 400 square feet.

Saint Francis’ tiny classroom, built in a shell purchased from 84 Lumber, is 160 square feet.1

© Russ O’Reilly / The Saint Francis University Institute for Energy

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This is the story of a family of five who love their tiny home!

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This is an announcement for the Tiny House Roadshow in Cookeville, TN that’s coming up!

It starts on March 24 at the Hyder-Burks Agricultural Pavilion in Cookeville, TN and will feature exhibitors from across the nation. You’ll get to see completed tiny homes as well as learn about tiny home construction, technology and new products.

Get times and ticket information below!

Tiny House Roadshow in TN on March 24-26

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Looking for a great Christmas gift idea? Why not support the Council on Aging in Sonoma County, CA and purchase a raffle ticket for a brand new tiny house?

Through Dec. 31, the council is selling discounted “early bird” tickets for its Second Annual Tiny House Raffle. It will raise money for their Meals on Wheels program which provides 285,000 meals per year to home-bound seniors.

Early bird raffle ticket prices are $75 for one ticket, $200 for three tickets, $375 for six tickets and $600 for 10 tickets. Prices will go up on January 1, 2017.

As a prize for this raffle, COA is offering a tiny house being handcrafted by a micro-manufacturer called SunWest Tiny Homes of Glenn, Calif.

You can get more information and tickets on their website.

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Buy Your Tiny House Raffle Ticket Today!

Images via Council on Aging

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Have we reached peak tiny house? These days you can hardly turn your head without bumping into some kind of micro dwelling. A slew of reality shows like Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House, Big Life, and Tiny House Nation are documenting the joys and trials of the downsized life. Last year a Portlandia skit poked fun at the micro home trend (their tiny house featured a fold-up kitty litter box and a mini-library for “alone time”). There’s even a thing called “tiny house regret” for those who convert to the micro life only to realize they can’t quite swing it.

Between the pop culture takeover and the realities of downsizing, some are wondering if the tiny house is close to joining MySpace and Crocs in the land where trends go to die.

But even if the whimsical HGTV tiny home does have an expiration date, there’s evidence that the current tiny renaissance is just the first wave in a much broader micro movement.

Is the tiny house trend dead?

Is the Tiny House Trend Dead

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