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This is an interview with a Tiny House Nation couple: Tim and Shannon and their Minim Tiny House in Upstate New York. They were in the first season of Tiny House Nation (Episode 3).

Now they’ve lived in their tiny home for over four years, and they share some of their experiences with us in the interview below, including some of their regrets when it comes to their tiny house. I think you’ll really get a lot out of it. Enjoy!

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Interview with Tiny House Nation Couple

Shannon and Tim Tiny House Interview 001

Photos via Shannon and Tim

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This is the “Bird’s Nest” created by Kim Lewis Designs and Canyon Creek Builder. It was featured on Tiny House Nation and built for wildlife experts at Window to the Wild.

We shared this home a couple weeks ago, but we got in touch with the owners who have been living in the THOW for two years! Read our interview with them on the last page and learn about how they are loving the tiny life!

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The “Bird’s Nest” Gooseneck for Wildlife Experts

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Wow! This is a Gothic Castle House from Tiny House Nation that is anything but ordinary.

The faux slate exterior on this small home is exactly what I want on my home someday. There’s a grand middle staircase a-la any horror mansion you’ve ever seen, two bedrooms, a kitchen and more. This family of three (and their six fur babies!) downsized from a whopping 2,150 sq. ft. house — good for them.

You can watch the full episode here.

Gothic Castle House from Tiny House Nation

Images via FYI

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