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Check out the upcoming 3-day tiny house building workshop with Zack Giffin from the television show, Tiny House Nation. This workshop is hosted by Operation Tiny Home and Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin. It will take place September 21-23, 2017 in Racine, WI. Plus it’s FREE for veterans with military ID and $75 for non-military participants.

Tiny Home Building Workshop with Zack Giffin

Announcement: Tiny Home Building Workshop with Zack Griffin - Free for Veterans

Photo credit: Operation Tiny Home

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Learn from Tiny House Specialist Zack Giffin, Co-host of Tiny House Nation in this 2-day Tiny Home Furniture Making Workshop in San Antonio.  

Get hands-on experience and become proficient with all tools common in basic furniture design and finish carpentry while learning about different types of materials, the order of design and construction, and how each step affects the next, all the way through the process of making multifunctional furniture and storage solutions used in tiny house living.

You also get to be meet other tiny home enthusiasts and contribute to supporting a veteran in need. At the end of the workshop, a tiny home with custom furniture and storage solutions built during the workshop will be donated to a veteran in need of permanent housing.

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This is the “Bird’s Nest” created by Kim Lewis Designs and Canyon Creek Builder. It was featured on Tiny House Nation and built for wildlife experts at Window to the Wild.

We shared this home a couple weeks ago, but we got in touch with the owners who have been living in the THOW for two years! Read our interview with them on the last page and learn about how they are loving the tiny life!

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The “Bird’s Nest” Gooseneck for Wildlife Experts

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Wow! This is a Gothic Castle House from Tiny House Nation that is anything but ordinary.

The faux slate exterior on this small home is exactly what I want on my home someday. There’s a grand middle staircase a-la any horror mansion you’ve ever seen, two bedrooms, a kitchen and more. This family of three (and their six fur babies!) downsized from a whopping 2,150 sq. ft. house — good for them.

You can watch the full episode here.

Gothic Castle House from Tiny House Nation

Images via FYI

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This is the Poker Night Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s a 300 sq. ft. THOW that was featured on Tiny House Nation!

You can watch the episode on FYI or stream it on Amazon. The episode is called, “300 Sq Ft Poker Night House”. You can also buy and watch the episode on YouTube in case you don’t have cable.

Michelle and Blake love having their friends over for drinks and some card playing. They’ve asked John and Zack to help build them a tiny house that not only has space to entertain their friends, but room to keep their two dogs entertained as well.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

The Poker Night Tiny House

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This is an amazing tiny ski lodge on wheels that was featured on FYI’s Tiny House Nation.

The 240 sq. ft. tiny home was featured on Season 3, Episode 19 of Tiny House Nation.

This tiny home has two outdoor areas, plenty of storage, and so much more!

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny Ski Lodge on Wheels

Skier's Tiny House 001

© FYI/Tiny House Nation

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This is a 380 sq. ft. tiny home in Austin, Texas designed by Kim Lewis.

What makes it unique, is that it consists of two tiny houses on trailers.

The two units are combined by a shared deck. Have you ever thought of doing that?

I love this idea because you can start with one tiny house, and add another one later if you needed to.

This tiny house was featured on season 3 episode 4 of Tiny House Nation. It’s called “400 Sq. Ft. Wine Tasting House.” Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

380 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home in Austin, Texas

380 Sq Ft Tiny Home in Austin, Texas 001

Images © Molly Winters

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