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Originally built on Tiny House Nation and dubbed “The Poker Night House,” this tiny house with tons of entertaining space is ready for new owners. Now all grown up, she prefers to be called “The Cedar Queen,” and houses 28 feet of luxurious details you’re sure to love.

There’s a large living room area with a central entertainment center complete with an electric fireplace and inset flatscreen TV. A ladder takes you up to the office loft, which features a wrap-around desk perfect for pandemic-style working-from-home. Beneath the loft bedroom is the u-shaped kitchen where you’ll find an induction cooktop, oven, and bar seating.

Having a hard time agreeing on what to watch? There’s a mini seating area where you can put another TV! Head over to Tiny House Listings to make an offer (asking $89,500).

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THOW with Work-From-Home Loft

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This is to announce and invite you to represent the tiny house movement this June 1, 2019, at the National Mall near the U.S. Capitol alongside Zack Giffin of Tiny House Nation, Andrew Bennett of Core Housing Solutions, Ben Carson, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (also known as HUD) secretary, and others where affordable housing seems to be a topic of concern.

The event is called the Innovative Housing Showcase and it is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). If you are a builder, designer, engineer, or inventor, it may not be too late to get involved as an exhibitor. Here’s a link to the application. The exhibit takes place at the National Mall.

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Come represent the tiny house movement at the US Capital at the Innovative Housing Showcase (free to the public)

Innovative Housing Showcase via Hud-gov

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This is an interview with a Tiny House Nation couple: Tim and Shannon and their Minim Tiny House in Upstate New York. They were in the first season of Tiny House Nation (Episode 3).

Now they’ve lived in their tiny home for over four years, and they share some of their experiences with us in the interview below, including some of their regrets when it comes to their tiny house. I think you’ll really get a lot out of it. Enjoy!

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Interview with Tiny House Nation Couple

Shannon and Tim Tiny House Interview 001

Photos via Shannon and Tim

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Video: Tiny House Nation: The Birds’ Nest

Interview with Simon and Lindsey:

What are your name(s)? 

Simon and Lindsey McNeny

How many people (and animals) will are living in your tiny house? 

Currently, there are 2 adults (us) and an Eastern Screech Owl name Pigwidgeon.

Where do you live? 

Our house is parked just South of Downtown Dallas on 20 acres.

Why did you decide to go tiny? What are you hoping to get out of living tiny? 

Our decision to go tiny stemmed from many things. Leaving a smaller footprint, owning vs. renting. We had no idea where we wanted to end up so on wheels made sense so we could move when and where we wanted. And since we have lived in it for well over 2 years we have surpassed our expectations as to how it would change us. We devote so much more time on things that we enjoy doing such as: training birds, blacksmithing, gardening, baking and cooking. We save water with out Seperatt Composting toilet. We have changed to all natural shampoo’s and conditioner and use baking soda and coconut oil as our toothpaste. We have also become better communicators to each other. We don’t have the space to be mad for extended periods so we work out our problems and find ways to grow.

How did you first learn about tiny houses? 

We first saw BA Norrgards house (A Bed Above My Head) in Dallas right after she built it. We fell in love and built ours the following year.

How long did it take to finish your tiny house? 

Because we were on Tiny House Nation (Season 2 Finale) our house was constructed in just 8 days. I did design the entire floor plan myself during our first months of planning before the show was even a thought. But after the show paperwork was signed designer Kim Lewis made our dreams a reality. From paperwork to completion was 6 months. We weren’t allowed to be involved much with the construction but were very excited to have Lindsey’s dad (a professional builder) come out and help with the build.

How did you find a place to park and live in your tiny house? 

We met Kathy Rogers of Rogers Wildlife rehabilitation center right when we decided to build. She immediately offered for us to park out on her rehab centers 20 acres and start our business. We jumped at the opportunity and have been here since.

Before going tiny, what was life like? 

Life before tiny was typical American suburban life. We were renting a 1,400 sq. ft. house with a small backyard for twice what we pay now. Always working our restaurant jobs and struggling to start our business of Animal Education.

What benefits are you experiencing after going tiny? 

An appreciation for quality vs quantity. Saving money. Feeling better about the life we live and the resources we use. We now really truly are living the life that we are trying to educate people about doing more!

What about some challenges? 

Some of the challenges with our Tiny House is crawling around in our upstairs loft and making the bed is still a challenge today, but we are slowly getting better at it. Getting used to a composting toilet and changing it is a bit of a challenge, but after 2 years it’s becoming more normal.

What makes your tiny house special? 

The amount of reclaimed material is special to us. We also have 23 birds just outside our window that we work with everyday. We also have a drawbridge porch and a secret exit under the gooseneck.

What is your favorite part of your tiny house? 

We both love our kitchen and bathroom the most. The kitchen is very functional and has a great cozy kitchen feel. The bathroom is roomy and efficient with a great rustic outdoorsy feel.

What helpful advice would you give to others interested in going tiny? 

Start pairing down, learning to not be afraid of letting go of things is very freeing and helps you realize what is important. We still have the rule of if we buy a shirt we have to get rid of a shirt, it’s a great way to live making sure you get good use of clothes vs wearing something once or twice in its life.

Do you have a website, blog, or social media page where we can follow along?

Our website and social media pages are for our Animal Education business but we often post pictures of our tiny house.


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Wow! This is a Gothic Castle House from Tiny House Nation that is anything but ordinary.

The faux slate exterior on this small home is exactly what I want on my home someday. There’s a grand middle staircase a-la any horror mansion you’ve ever seen, two bedrooms, a kitchen and more. This family of three (and their six fur babies!) downsized from a whopping 2,150 sq. ft. house — good for them.

You can watch the full episode here.

Gothic Castle House from Tiny House Nation

Images via FYI

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This is the Poker Night Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s a 300 sq. ft. THOW that was featured on Tiny House Nation!

You can watch the episode on FYI or stream it on Amazon. The episode is called, “300 Sq Ft Poker Night House”. You can also buy and watch the episode on YouTube in case you don’t have cable.

Michelle and Blake love having their friends over for drinks and some card playing. They’ve asked John and Zack to help build them a tiny house that not only has space to entertain their friends, but room to keep their two dogs entertained as well.

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The Poker Night Tiny House

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This is an amazing tiny ski lodge on wheels that was featured on FYI’s Tiny House Nation.

The 240 sq. ft. tiny home was featured on Season 3, Episode 19 of Tiny House Nation.

This tiny home has two outdoor areas, plenty of storage, and so much more!

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Tiny Ski Lodge on Wheels

Skier's Tiny House 001

© FYI/Tiny House Nation

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This is a 380 sq. ft. double-THOW tiny home in Austin, Texas designed by Kim Lewis. What makes it unique, is that it consists of two tiny houses on wheels which is why I like to call it a ‘Double-THOW’ tiny home.

The two units are combined with a shared deck. Have you ever thought of doing that? I love this idea because you can start with one tiny house, and add another one later if you needed to. This tiny home was featured on season 3 episode 4 of Tiny House Nation. It’s called “400 Sq. Ft. Wine Tasting House.”

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380 Sq. Ft. ‘Double-THOW’ Tiny Home with Adjoining Deck in Austin, Texas

Double THOW Tiny Home in Austin

Images © Molly Winters

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This is a Zack Giffin-designed energy-efficient tiny house on wheels sponsored by Plastics Make It Possible.

Outside, you’ll notice a classic red barn feel with deep cranberry clapboards and white trim. Inside the walls, Giffin used advanced insulation from plastics which improved the home’s energy efficiency and made it more eco-friendly.

When you go inside, you’ll find a covered “mud-room” entryway that gives you loft space for storage. There is beautiful dark hardwood flooring in the house and a crisp, clean kitchen. It includes open shelving, solid grey countertops and more. The living space even has a custom spiral staircase to take you up to the bedroom loft. Watch the video below!

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An Energy-Efficient Tiny House on Wheels by Zack Giffin

An Energy-Efficient Tiny House on Wheels by Zack Giffin 001

Images © Plastics Make It Possible via YouTube

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