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In 2018, Heather sold her traditional home and later moved into a 380 square foot THOW built by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes. Heather spent more than a year creating hundreds of layouts for her dream tiny, until she settled on one that would work for her and her teenage son.

The tiny house features a private bedroom over the gooseneck for her son, and her own private loft bedroom on the other side of the home. In the middle is her spacious living room and kitchen, and a bathroom with a full-sized tub for soaking! Up above the bathroom, Heather has her own art studio for her lovely oil paintings.

Now Heather (@heatherdhansen) can work less and live more comfortably than before, spending $450/month on her rental spot with stunning mountain views! Check out the video tour with Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey below.

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Mom Sold Her Home to Go Tiny with Teenage Son

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