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This is a listing for tiny house-friendly lots near Hague, New York which is about 4 hours away from New York City. There are currently two lots available. One for $31,000 with 1.030 acres and another for $45,000 with beautiful stream and forest views and 1+ acre.

If you’re interested you can learn more and contact the listing real estate agents using the information below. What do you think? With a lot like this, it seems like you would be able to move in with your tiny house on wheels and even build another cabin, cottage, or any other sort of home on the property too. Are you familiar with the area at all? If so, please tell us about it in the comments. Thanks!

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Tiny House Friendly Lots in New York


Images via NLG Realty/Facebook

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This is a tiny house lot for rent in Elkton, Oregon.

Janet owns the land and has a place to lease to a tiny home owner. Utilities and internet are hooked up on-site. More details below.

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Tiny House Lot For Rent in Elkton, Oregon

Images via Janet

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If you’ve been stuck on the how to find land for your tiny house issue, I think this how to find land for camping resource might be of help someday.

It’s sort of like an Airbnb but it’s dedicated to help connect land owners with people who want to find a place to camp. And of course we thought, “hey, this might work for tiny house owners too, right?”

Maybe it will! So I wanted to let you know about it. The website is called Hipcamp. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you think this could be a promising resource to connect tiny home owners with appropriate lots?

How to Find Land for Camping (Or List Your Land)


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