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The 2017 Tiny House Jamboree is right around the corner! It’s happening October 27-29 in the Arlington, Texas convention center.

2017 Tiny House Jamboree in Arlington, Texas!

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This is a 375-square-foot 2-bedroom cabin! Pretty incredible, right? Well, take a look for yourself if you don’t believe it.

The spacious 375-square-foot two-bedroom Chisholm Trail Cabin is mounted on a steel frame with optional trailer and wheels. Superior Concrete Tiny Houses designed this unit so that it can either be moved to your land, or built on an engineered concrete foundation. This model includes an optional 120-square-foot outdoor precast concrete porch.1

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The Chisholm Trail Cabin w/ Optional Trailer and Wheels Package – it’s a 375-square-foot 2-bedroom cabin on wheels…

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This is an announcement and reminder for the 2016 National Tiny House Jamboree.

It’s taking place August 5-7, 2016 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Last year, the event attracted more than 40,000 people!

This year, will be another memory of a lifetime.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

2016 National Tiny House Jamboree

Tiny House Jamboree

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I’m sure you’ve already heard of the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree where it’s said that over 40,000 people gathered from all over the world in Colorado Springs, CO to celebrate the tiny house movement.

The event was organized by Darin Zaruba and his team at EcoCabins who are based out of Colorado Springs. In 2016, the event will not be free but the entrance fee is said to be very reasonable (around $8/day or $25 for the entire weekend). Please learn more and re-share below and let us know… Will you be planning to attend the 2016 National Tiny House Jamboree?

2016 Tiny House Jamboree: Are You Coming?


Images © Tiny House Jamboree

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This is a recording of Jay Shafer’s speech at the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree.

So if you really wanted to be there, but couldn’t make it, this makes things a little better, doesn’t it? The speech’s topic is on the Evolution of the Tiny House Movement.

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Jay Shafer’s Speech at the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 32 by Kent Griswold and his team of tiny living contributors is available now. This issue takes you to the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado and more!

It contains 78 PDF pages of articles, photos, video, and resources on tiny houses for you to enjoy on any of your electronic devices (tablet, smart phone, or computer). This issue covers:

  • The 2015 Tiny House Jamboree
  • M.J. Boyle’s Tiny House Project
  • Keeping It Simple with a Teardrop Trailer
  • Life in a School Bus Conversion
  • Montana Tiny Writer’s Cabin/Retreat
  • Stories from a Tiny House Dweller
  • Builder of the Month
  • Tiny House Expedition
  • …and so much more!!

If you can’t get enough tiny houses you’ll absolutely love this issue of Kent’s Tiny House Magazine because as usual it features numerous fascinating ideas from several people are happily living tiny. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny House Magazine Issue 32

Tiny House Magazine Issue 32 Tiny House Jamboree

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If you weren’t one of the 40,000 people who made it to the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree sponsored/hosted/organized by Eco Cabins ( in Colorado Springs, Colorado this post will give you a recap of what you missed!

Can you believe it? Thousands of tiny house people from all over the world got together in one place over the course of a weekend? People from all 50 states and 10 different countries too!

This event proved that LOTS of people want and need more affordable housing options. More alternative housing projects, developments and communities that are smaller, smarter, and more affordable, right? And the good news is that we’re making progress aren’t we?

Please enjoy this recap of the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree, learn more, and re-share it with your friends below. Thank you!

40,000 Show for 2015 Tiny House Jamboree

Credit: Facebook/THJ

Credit: Facebook/THJ

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I’m excited to let you know about an awesome upcoming tiny house event called the National 2015 Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, Colorado from Friday, August 7th, to Sunday, August 9th, 2015.

The event calls for all tiny housers, builders, and tiny living fans to get together for this incredible FREE event. But even though it’s free, registration is required.

If you decide to go you’ll get to meet other amazing people who are interested in a better way of life, listen to speakers, enjoy book signings, talk to and meet leaders in the tiny house world, and so much more.

2015 Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs

tiny-house-jamboree-poster copy

Image © Tiny House Jamboree

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