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This is a tiny house on wheels with a large outdoor deck built by SignaTour Campers.

When you go inside you’ll find a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and two upstairs lofts that you can use for sleeping and/or storage.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny Beach Cottage with Two Lofts

Images © SignaTour Campers

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With a new season of Tiny House Nation (season 2) just out I wanted to share these top 5 tiny houses that you might live in thanks to the FYI Network. Tiny House Nation helps families downsize their lives while they help design and build a new home for them of 500 sq. ft. or less. The show also explores various inspiring tiny homes from around the nation.

In addition, there’s a whole new TV show on the FYI Network called Tiny House Hunting. In this series realtors pair up with tiny house hunters from around the country to find the perfect tiny homes of 300 sq. ft. or less for their family. Very exciting times for the tiny house movement. Now that the nation is opening up to the idea of small spaces, maybe we’ll all see even more opportunities to live small and affordably.

For now, enjoy these top five tiny houses that maybe you might live in that were recently featured on Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Hunting on the FYI Network. Please enjoy, watch the official TV show trailers, and help us spread the word below.

1. An Ohio Tiny House with a Big Kitchen and Two Lofts


Images © FYI Network

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