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This is the model house for Tiny Lofts, a new tiny house builder in Germany with an eco-friendly design for a modular tiny house sans wheels.

The sleek, modern house has a minimalistic Nordic feel on the exterior, but many of the exterior and interior finishes can be selected from a catalog and customized to suit your tastes. At about 323 square feet, the home includes a compact kitchen, spacious open floor plan for the living space, and a super-luxurious bathroom with a full soaking tub in front of a whole-wall window.

You can customize the house to be off-grid, or let it hook up to power and water like a standard house. A wood stove, radiant floor heating and electrical units are all choices for climate control. Enjoy the photo tour below and check out more options and details on the Tiny Lofts website here. The model house is also open as a vacation rental, in case you want to see the quality and function of the house up close. Book here.

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Customizable Modular Tiny House in Germany


Images via Tiny Lofts

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Conventional design wisdom claims you can’t use dark colors in small spaces, but this tiny house built in Germany by Tiny House Manufaktur shows there’s an exception to every rule.

Paired with a light, natural wood, the black cabinets, steps, and accent walls in this THOW not only work but provide a modern, luxurious aesthetic. There’s an abundance of hidden storage in this home, with tons under the stairs, and an additional storage/sleeping loft over the living area.

To me, it looks like that couch could easily become another guest bed, and the bathroom includes a flush toilet and heated towel rack (one of Europe’s best inventions, in my humble opinion). You can get in touch with the builder here.

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Sleek, Black Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny House Manufaktur in Germany

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This is a gorgeous Cedar Façade THOW from Tiny House Manufaktur in Germany. The simple design features a large glass door that takes you into the living area, a shed-style roof, and gorgeous wooden exterior.

Inside the clean lines continue, with a spacious living area complete with an L-shaped storage couch and a cozy wood-burning stove. The storage staircase leads up to the sleeping loft, and underneath is the compact kitchen and bathroom.

The bathroom has lots of storage cubbies to help organize toiletries, and the kitchen has an open-faced pantry. To contact the builder with questions or to order your own, click here.

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Clean Lines Make this German THOW Perfect for the Minimalist

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