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This is the Wright family, the first clients of David Latimer at New Frontier Tiny Homes, who lost their tiny house in the wildfires that ripped through Boulder Creek, CA. We did a post about their house that they’ve been using as an Airbnb for some time. Now that income is gone, as well as many family heirlooms and possessions. Latimer has set up a GoFundMe account for the family here.

The Wrights couldn’t find an insurance provider to cover their tiny house in case of wildfires, which means this is a complete loss. They found out about the devastation on the same day their new daughter was born.

They recently moved to North Carolina and have a home there, so they are, thankfully, safe and housed at the moment. That said, they could use our support! Consider donating here.

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California Wildfires Destroy this Family’s Tiny House


Images via GoFundMe

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