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Introducing Travis Pyke and his wife Brittany. They are a husband and wife tiny house living couple.

A few years ago they fell in love with simple living and the tiny house movement. They’re in love with the movement because they enjoy creating custom designed micro homes for people since it gives them the ability to enjoy a dream home without the headaches of a mortgage and oversized house.

This means they get to offer tiny housing solutions for people like you and me who prefer to have more time, money and freedom instead of an oversized house filled with stuff. Today Travis and Brittany have completed their tiny dream house of 204 sq. ft. on wheels. They’re calling it the Wind River Bungalow and you can see it below.

Even better, they’ve created a company in Chattanooga, Tennessee called Wind River Custom Homes and they’re willing to build anywhere on site or ship to you a finished tiny home wherever you are.

Tiny House Couple Create Wind River Custom Homes


All Images © Wind River Custom Homes

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