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When his parents sold the family vacation cabin so they could buy their dream home, this man decided to buy some Canadian prairie land and build a 96 square foot cabin that could fit his family of four and keep them warm in the subarctic temperatures of Treaty 6 Territory. They live off-grid on the 141 acre property for about 125 days a year.

He didn’t have a lot of time to get the cabin built before winter set in, but in 12 days spread out over about 3 months, he and a couple friends managed to build this fully-functional little cabin for just about $3,000 (USD) in 2016. Since then they’ve added solar panels, a propane heater, and other little touches which brought the cost up to about $4,300. Still incredibly impressive for such a little space!

By keeping the cabin under 100 square feet, he’s able to keep the land labelled as agricultural, which saves on property taxes. He made an awesome video about his build, and a second video outlining his costs, which are great resources for anyone interested in doing something similar!

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This $3K Off-Grid Cabin Sleeps Four!

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This is a tiny house being built with curved loft beams by Backcountry Tiny Homes. I thought you might be interested because I’ve never really seen anything like this covered in detail. What do you think?

Curved loft beams! Utilizing custom made in-house LVL construction we are creating a truly unique design element for this custom tiny home.1

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Curved Loft Tiny House by Backcountry Tiny Homes

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This is the Fosen Folk School, an organic folk school in Norway that teaches unique and useful skills like construction. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to grow your own food, build a tiny house, learn how to build a traditional boat, and other useful skills, please continue.

Students learn about self-sufficiency, organic living, and useful skills like being able to create your own equipment like forging your own knife, making your own sandals, and more. Sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? Don’t you wish we learned about all of this stuff in school? Now that would be fun…

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Organic folk school in Norway that teaches tiny house construction and other useful skills…⚒

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Pam and Bruce Westra are the owners of the Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

Over the last few years, they have designed and built the 9 tiny homes at their hotel. And now, thanks to Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey, they’re sharing their top 10 tiny house design/build tips that they learned along the way with you!

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Tiny House Hotel Owners Share Their Tiny House Design/Construction Tips After Building 9 Tiny Homes for their Hotel!

Tiny House Hotels

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If you’ve been wanting to learn more about how to construct your own tiny house, I think you might like this video series with Seth Reidy of Nelson Tiny Houses.

He’s got 15 episodes filled with knowledge on how you can build your own tiny or small house. Learn more and preview an episode below! Thanks!

Want to Learn How to Build Your Own Tiny Home?

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This is to announce Nelson Tiny Houses’ Kickstarter campaign dedicated to showing you how to build your own tiny house on or off wheels.

They’re putting together an in-depth video series which consists of 15 episodes to show you everything they know about designing and building tiny homes.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Kickstarter to Show You How to Build Tiny Houses

Photo via Kickstarter

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