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This is a community of tiny homes was listed for sale in Highlands, New Jersey on none other than… eBay! There are a total of 11 tiny homes in different sizes and conditions. As I originally wrote this, the eBay bid price was $239,500 for the houses with a stellar water view.

Outside, you’ll notice these homes have seen better days: they were once part of a 1920’s bungalow colony. The homes surround a central courtyard and would be a perfect fixer upper opportunity for folks hoping to live with like-minded tiny house enthusiasts. Some houses need more help than others, but by city ordinance, they can be used for a year-round dwelling if not seriously altered. Five of the homes are 12×20 feet and five larger homes are 14×18 feet and there is one two-story main house. On the inside, some homes have wood planking, pastel milk paint, and old wooden flooring. You can take advantage of this great opportunity to create the tiny house community of your dreams.

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Small Community of Tiny Homes For Sale in Highlands, NJ

Small Community of Tiny Homes For Sale in Highlands, NJ 001

Images © njview via eBay

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