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Today is #GivingTuesday! Want to support people in need of a safe home? Operation Tiny Home provides THOWs to deserving recipients at a huge discount, subsidized by your generosity, through their “PATHWAYS To Tiny Housing Program.”

You can make a donation of cash or materials to Operation Tiny Home here. Your donation will go to the completion of a tiny house (in this case, the hOMe model that’s 317 square feet. You can see pictures of the 3D rendering below.

Here’s your chance to give and make a difference! Click here to donate.

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Help Deserving People Get a Tiny House!

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Matt was in prison for fraud, angry at the people who put him there when he got on his knees and begged God to help him. He says his life changed right there, and he had all these ideas flood into his mind of ways to help others — one of those was to build affordable tiny homes to sell and raise money to fund the “Rescue Ranch” — a 5-acre working ranch in Colorado to help facilitate men and women with addiction problems to get clean.

Today, those ideas have become a reality with Holy Ground Real Estate. The charity offers 12, 16 & 20 ft. tiny homes, hand made to order and ready in January 2021. The 20 ft. home is just under $20,000, while the 16 ft. is $16,500, and the 12 ft. is $12,500 — talk about affordable tiny homes!

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Affordable Tiny Homes to Support Recovering Addicts!

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This is the story of an organization called Bluffton Cares who is building and donating tiny homes on wheels as a relief effort for flood victims in South Carolina.

We are building and donating two tiny homes to assist in the relief efforts in the South Carolina flood relief. Children, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers are without food, shelter and most importantly, security right now. That’s not going to change unless those who can, help. We hope that you and your friends and families can assist us in our efforts. These tiny homes retail for $40,000 and can accommodate a family of four. Our goal is to raise $25,000 per home to help cover our materials cost. It is our hope that if we exceed $50,000 to build the two homes, we can continue to build more.

People Building Tiny Homes for Flood Victims in South Carolina

Bluffton Cares Tiny Homes 001

Images © BlufftonCares.com

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I want to show you how if you want to you can help create Emerald Village which is an upcoming tiny house village community designed to empower the homeless in Eugene, Oregon.

The same group of people that has successfully OpportUNITY Village in Eugene. I love what they’re doing and how they’re doing it so much that I’m participating in the fundraising (and you can too) for their next tiny house village.

In case you’re able and wanting to help I wanted to show you how but obviously please don’t feel obligated because I really just want to show you how amazing this is.

So enjoy the article and photos below and re-share this post if you feel drawn to do so because it’s a great opportunity to help spread the Tiny House Movement in the way that truly helps those in need.

Tiny House Villages for the Formerly Homeless


Images: OpportUNITY Village

I encourage you to see and learn more below:

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