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Ever dreamed of running your very own business? Thought it doesn’t mesh with your dream of going tiny and traveling? Meet Mike and Ciera! They run their very own Etsy shop, Made to Cut, from the front of their DIY tiny house on wheels. And they do it all while traveling the U.S.!

In order to avoid high rent and overhead fees, the couple built their very own tiny home outfitted with everything they need to create gorgeous laser-cut signs and other products, primarily from birch wood. They then ship these all over the country, and pay for their travels from their business income.

While they are honest about how tough it can be as entrepreneurs, they are happy with the two years they’ve spent on the road making their dreams a reality. Watch their tour/interview with Tiny Home Tours below!

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How This Couple Runs a Business From Their Tiny House

Couple Running An Etsy Shop From Their THOW! 1

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Have you ever wanted to host your tiny house on Airbnb for income?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a tiny house, either because Airbnb lets you share ANY kind of home or even just a spare room to offer and host travelers.

Have you ever thought of hosting any of your extra space on Airbnb so you could make extra income while hosting others? Do you already do it? See some people who are doing it below, learn more, and tell us your thoughts in the comments at the bottom.

How to Host Your Tiny House Or Other Space on Airbnb to Build an Extra Income While Hosting Travelers in Your Town!

The Stumble Tiny House Vacation in Los Olivos California 01

The Stumble Tiny House Vacation in Los Olivos California

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