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While some tiny homes are getting bigger, I love seeing people reimagine truly itty bitty spaces. At just 18 ft. long, it’s amazing that this builder managed to fit not only a loft bedroom and pull-out sofa, but a triple bunk bed for kids! Wow.

Located near Nashville, Tennessee, this THOW is for sale for $49,200, and features a sleek modern interior with stained plywood walls and gorgeous grey tilework in the shower. The shining feature, though, is the large glass wall that let’s in oodles of natural light.

It has a particularly Nordic feel to it, especially with the clean exterior lines. You can contact the seller or make an offer here.

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Only 153 Sq. Feet but Sleeps 6! Wow!

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I’ve seen a lot of tiny homes, but La Tiny Houses in France has really thought outside the tiny house box on this design for a family of four! This French Tiny Home has a loft bedroom for the parents, and then built-in bunk beds for their kids separated by a partition. In the end, everyone has their own bedroom cubbie.

They also used the top of the cabinets as the final “stair” to the second floor/loft, which always for easier getting in and out of bed. There’s even a spot for a keyboard in this little home.

Usually, family THOWs are incredibly long, but this little house looks pretty easy to tow and has a fun exterior shape. Enjoy the photo tour!

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French Tiny Home with Built-in Bunk Beds

French Tiny Home

Images via La Tiny House

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I ran into four awesome small space bedrooms that I just had to share with you tiny house/small space enthusiasts.

Three of the rooms are from small houses and apartments and one of them is in a tiny house, you’ll see..

These Small Space Bedrooms Sleep up to Four People

My question is… Do you think it would be comfortable to raise up to four kids in a 2-bedroom home if they’re all under the ages of.. let’s say, 13?

Before your mind takes you anywhere else… take a look at the bedrooms below. I think it’s totally doable with bedroom systems like this.

Do you remember that show Home Improvement? The kids in that show had a pretty cool shared bedroom if I remember correctly.

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Small Space Bedroom - Bunk Bed Mania

Photo Courtesy of Houzz

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