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Natalie learned carpentry skills in a number of workshops but noticed that many of the women watched while the men “did the things.” She had a passion for permaculture and sustainable building and wanted to create a safe space where women could get hands-on building experience to create their own homes! So she started Wild Abundance.

Her own log tiny house (which has been added onto over the years and is now “small” rather than “tiny”) sits on the property where she does workshops, but there are also lots of educational videos on her website which you can learn from. In the video below, you can see her amazing hand-crafted home.

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Her Log Cabin with Soapstone Sink & Wood Oven That Heats Water

Her Hand-Built Log Home & Building Workshops 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Rich Daniels, of Rich’s Portable Cabins in North Powder, Oregon is here to share some wisdom regarding tiny house building standards and safety issues. Since I think his concerns are valid and very important for the future of tiny homes I’m sharing it with you below. Please pass it on.

Wanted to just take a moment to show my appreciation for the Tiny House forum you have created and add a note of concern that I have. I truly enjoy seeing all of the Tiny living spaces that people create for themselves, it is great to see the marriage of art and ingenuity. My concern has been and continues to be our transition as a community into mainstream living.  Fighting the decades long belief that bigger is better and trying to have city, counties and states recognize us as a viable legal living option.  Those who build Tiny Homes for resale should be vehemently aware of this situation and there is where my concern begins.  Although many of the designs I have been seeing lately on your medium are brilliant in many ways, some if not all are lacking the safety features that all manufactures must conform to.
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Below you can see one of Rich’s tiny houses on wheels built to standards inside:


Images © Rich’s Portable Cabins

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I had some questions related to tiny houses and trailers for Andrew Odom over at Tiny r(E)volution and he was kind enough to share his advice with us.

If you’re considering building a tiny house on wheels this post will give you perspective as to what it’s like to prepare a used trailer for your future tiny house.

Alex: Before you got your trailer, what options were Crystal and considering?

Andrew: Our path to getting to where we are now started back in mid-2010. As a couple Crystal and I were bouncing back from our lives as single folk which included living all over the map, investing in only the day’s expenses, and trying to merge two very independent lives. We knew we wanted to find a place of our own to live but we weren’t sure we wanted to take on a mortgage….well, we weren’t even sure where we wanted to live. Since we met as missionaries on a cross-country tour it seemed perfectly normal and perfectly logical for us to find a small RV (even to this day we dream of a Mini Winne) and take to the open road until we found we belonged. Alas, I realized I needed to get a job (I had been self-employed) that offered a bit more stability for us. In finding that job we realized that perhaps the RV should give way to a house.

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An Interview on Tiny House Trailers w/ Andrew Odom

Andrew Odom's trailer from old RV for his tiny house on wheels

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