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Deb loves paragliding, and she wanted a lightweight tiny house that would take her to the best paragliding locations! With the help of family members, she was able to build this amazing DIY tiny home that met all her needs. She has a large first-floor bedroom, a compact bathroom off the back, and a lovely main living area that flows seamlessly into her kitchen.

She was really struggling to find a spot to settle down in her tiny house until she saw a Tiny House Giant Journey video about someone living at Tiny House Block! Thankfully, they had a spot for her. Now she lives there and travels to her favorite paragliding spots nearby. Enjoy the tour.

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Her First Floor Bedroom DIY Tiny House at Tiny House Block

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Going tiny means you have to sacrifice *some* things, but Nat and Tom are a perfect example of making room for the things you really love! Despite living in under 300 square feet, they made space for their extensive shoe collection, using them as decor in their living area.

The couple live at Tiny House Block, a THOW community with long and short-term rentals in California. They didn’t really want to live in an apartment anymore, and a tiny home gave them more privacy and more room to creatively express themselves in their decor.

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Their Nature-Themed Tiny Home

Nat & Tom’s THOW w Epic Shoe Collection!

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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