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This brand new tiny house is at auction online. The owners built it for themselves but had a change of plans, so the asking price is only $12,000 to start. At the moment of publication, the first two bids are at $11,000.

The home is located in Sparta, Tennessee, and the online bidding for the 384 sq. ft. home is taking place at Comas Montgomery.

This could be your chance to get an awesome deal on a fully-loaded tiny house, with two lofts, fully-stocked kitchen, and bathroom with a washer/dryer unit. Place your bid now!

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Sparta, TN Tiny House Auction (Sold For 35k)

Tiny House Auction

Images via Comas Montgomery

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This is a student-built Lee Tiny House that’s up for online auction.

The students at the Lee County Area Technology Center, located in Beattyville, KY, have built a Tiny House with the grant funding they received from KVEC’s Building It Forward project. Now completed, the Tiny House is up for online auction. The link to the online auction is here. The funds from the sale go back to the Lee County ATC for students to do another Tiny House project next year.

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Student-Built Lee Tiny House on Wheels for Auction in Beattyville, Kentucky

Images via The Holler

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