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Jonathan lives in this amazing tiny house on wheels that he built nearly four years ago. He spent a couple of years using it for full-time travel around France and Europe with his former girlfriend, and now lives in it stationary (although he is still searching for land).

It has a lovely front porch with a swing, a solar array, and the coolest soapstone sink! The design closely resembles early Tumbleweed models, so it feels a bit nostalgic. Enjoy our interview with Jonathan below!

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His Lovely, Off-Grid Traditional-Style THOW

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Caris and Jake got married fresh out of college and wanted a place of their own. Lo and behold they were able to find a tiny house ready-built by Decathlon Tiny Homes (the Zeus model) and a spot in a tiny house village to park it in just two weeks!

While they didn’t customize their tiny house, they have made it home with their own finishes and decorations. The red kitchen is particularly striking!

Because they went from sharing a room in Jake’s dad’s home to living tiny, they hadn’t accumulated a lot of the stuff some other couples may have. That’s made the tiny house transition all the easier! Be sure to check out their video interview at the end of the post, and follow them on Instagram here.

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Going Tiny Fresh Out of College!

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We at Tiny House Talk show you a lot of examples of where you can purchase a tiny house, how you can build your own, and what your tiny house could look like — But what about living tiny legally once you get your dream home?

We’ve discussed that to some extent here and here, but Tiny House Expedition has started a three-part “docu-series” on the subject and you can watch part one right here.

If you like it and want to get involved, you can consider donating to help out with parts two and three and help tiny homes become legal everywhere.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below!

Living Tiny Legally: Three Part Docu-Series

Living Tiny Legally

Screenshots via YouTube

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