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One of the great things about building tiny on a foundation is that you aren’t limited in terms of highway height rules. That’s shown in these tiny house plans that have a second-floor loft bedroom with full standing height. Leaving the room open to the living space makes the home feel larger by eliminating extra walls.

The first floor is about 320 square feet and contains plenty of space for a grand living room that bleeds into the full kitchen. Without the restraints of a trailer, the home width allows for a full bathroom. You can purchase the plans today on Etsy.

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Adorable Traditional-Style Foundation Tiny House

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This is Sonja and Dag’s Norwegian Mikrohaus.

The sleek and modern tiny house is about 360 sq. ft. and includes a kitchen, living room, bathroom and both a loft and Murphy bed for sleeping. Around Easter they built a gorgeous outdoor deck along the length of the house which increases the living space dramatically. You can see more about the house on their blog, Modern Living.


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Sonja and Dag’s Norwegian Modern Living Mikrohaus

Images via Sonja/Modern Living

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Raw Food Livin’ is a YouTube channel and blog dedicated to eating raw vegan foods and living minimally. Turns out the blog’s owner recently moved into a studio-style Swedish Tiny House on land!

She uploaded a video tour of the 300 sq. ft. place that has a small kitchenette (no stove, which works great for someone who eats only raw foods!), a bathroom with a washer and then a main living area with her bed, storage, desk and couch. She lives there with her pup, Pepsi.

Check it out!

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Raw Food Livin’s Swedish Tiny House

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