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There’s nothing better than a completely one-of-a-kind build, and that’s what KimAnna’s DIY Mermaid Cottage is! The cordwood-and-glass-bottle cabin is whimsical and eclectic — despite the seaside name, it’s sitting in the High Desert miles and miles from any ocean!

That said, the bathroom and shower in the cabin will transport you to the beach immediately. There’s a little kitchenette, a queen bed on the main floor, and a dining area. KimAnna lives in a log cabin on the property, where she cares for rescue animals and grows food in a dome fed with algae water! What a fun spot.

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Leaving the City for Rescue Animals & A Greenhouse

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When Portland passed a law allowing homeowners to build an <200 square foot accessory unit on their property without a permit, Chris and Jack jumped at the opportunity. Because Chris is a sculptor, she thought sculpting from cob would be a perfect way to create a small dwelling.

The bean-shaped unit features two spiral pillars and a lovely round roof with a cupola. Inside it has an open floor plan that was originally designed as a massage studio, but now features a queen-sized bed for guests.

You’ll love the video tour and interview with the couple, brought to us by FLORB on YouTube.

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Stunning Permit-Free Cob Dwelling in Portland

They Built A Cob Tiny House With No Permits 006

Images via FLORB/YouTube

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