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This is the Fjallstuga A-Frame plans by the Small House Catalog. While we’ve shown you an earlier version of these, they recently updated the plans and added some new renderings to show off the possibilities!

The great thing about these plans is the first-floor bedroom at the back of the A-Frame, which means you don’t have to climb a ladder or stairs into a loft bedroom. That space could be used as an office, storage, or a place for kids. The plans have a 3/4 bathroom, a compact kitchenette, and a spacious living room with a wood-burning stove. The plans are available from the Small House Catalog for $149.99. What do you think?

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Updated Fjallstuga A-Frame Plans For Sale

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While there are oodles of tiny house plans for sale that show renderings of the space, it’s always nice to get plans for a spot that’s already been built, so you can see what it really looks like! That’s the case with this 20 x 26 cabin that boasts a dramatic shed-style roof (making it perfect for any place with a high snow load).

The tiny house has a loft bedroom with a lot of headroom that you get to via a ladder. There’s a 3/4 bathroom in the far corner and a spacious L-shaped kitchen across from it. The living room takes up the front of the cabin and opens out onto the wrap-around deck.

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200 sq. ft. Loft Bedroom Cabin Plans

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Getting ready to build a tiny house? Den Outdoors is selling these awesome Alpine Tiny House plans for a 300-square-foot cottage with a modern, Scandinavian style. The home features a studio-style layout with a Murphy bed in the main living area, so it can easily transform from day to night.

The home is 22 feet by 14 feet, and feels perfectly spacious since it’s nearly double the width of a standard tiny home! That allows for a larger bathroom, separate laundry space, and a good galley kitchen along the backside of the Murphy bed. You can purchase basic PDF plans for $199, or the full package for $995.

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22′ x 14′  Modern Studio-Style Cabin Plans for Sale

Alpine Tiny House Plans 300 square foot cottage 6

Images via Den Outdoors

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This is a 400 sq. ft. Walden Tiny House by Hobbitat Spaces. They sell the plans you can purchase and download to build it yourself or have a contractor do it for you.

One of the few Hobs with 2 exterior doors which gives you a direct access to the porch and patio out back. The generous loft provides space for extra sleeping or a home office. The queen sized bump out can be used for sleeping or extra space downstairs if you sleep in the loft. The bath is beautiful with a sink bump out and a comfortable 3’x3′ shower. A 3/4 kitchen with an island bridges the space next to the living area. High windows in the front provide wonderful light and ventilation. A warm and cozy feel is all yours. This Hob is a comfortable 400 sqft.

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400 Sq. Ft. Walden Tiny House by Hobbitat Spaces

Walden 400SF Hobbitat 001

Images © HobbitatSpaces.com

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Pin Up Houses is a relatively new tiny house plans company founded by architect Joshua Woodsman.

He’s creating easy to follow tiny house plans that you can use to build your own tiny cabin or micro lodge.

Joshua built the 107 sq. ft. tiny cabin you see here for only $3,000 in materials!1 It’s called the Cheryl cabin.

$3k Tiny House Plans by Pin Up Houses


Images © Pin Up Houses

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