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Think you can live in, work in, and share a small apartment?

That’s what I do with my 500-square-foot apartment that I’m showing you today.

Small Apartment Design for Live/Work

I took my apartment’s dimensions, design and layout and did my best to match it.

Then I made some slight improvements that I thought would make it better.

Redesigning My Tiny Apartment in 3D


Check out the best photos (and video) below:

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Guest Post by Maren Kate

You think your place is small? Try our tiny studio on for size!

We are two start up founders who have squeezed into a 250 square foot micro studio in the heart of San Francisco, California. But even though the quarters are close we still really enjoy our small place.

The reason people, like us, get shoehorned into tiny studios is because quality multiple bedroom apartments are very hard to find.

So as you wait for a 2 or 3 bedroom to become available, you crash in a studio for a temporary “quick fix”. That’s what happened with us – and nine months later we’re still here!

We found living in a small studio with a built in loft bed (so there is one bed below, one on top) saved us gobs on rent and acts almost like a college dorm – a nice place to sleep when it’s nighttime, but we rarely spend time in it during the day.

This forces us to spend more time at work, explore the city and socialize – we’ve also become utilitarians about what we “need” to live comfortably versus what we “want”.

I’d suggest everyone live in a tiny house or small studio at some point because it teaches you a lot about yourself and the person you live with, plus it’s a great lesson on why less is often more.

250 square foot Micro Studio in San Fransisco Entry Way

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Do you think you could live in this 78 square foot apartment?

Meet Luke Clark Tyler. He’s an architect who’s been living in extremely small spaces for a few years.

Two years ago he was in a 96 square foot apartment. In his last move, he chose to downsize even more.

The place is so small that you can barely fit a regular bed in it. So he designed and built his own.

He made it so that it has plenty of extra storage underneath to store winter clothes and tools.

His bed looks a lot more comfortable than your ordinary pull out couch or futon.

Notice on the screen shot below how the mattress is tucked away against the wall on the right.

Tiny Apartment in Manhatten - 78 Square Feet

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Most of you know that I live in a small apartment (about 500 square feet). This past week I finally put up some shelves that really helped make the place look and feel nice. Mainly my work area. Actually you can see exactly what I did here if you want.

On my last trip to the library I was so happy to stumble onto 12 by 12 by William Powers, have you heard of it?

I’m about 70% finished. Ever since I’ve been reading it it’s really got me wondering about putting together my own tiny off grid home near to where I currently live.

I’d be able to learn a lot and enjoy nature while still having my city apartment. We would use it to get away, write, read, relax, enjoy nature, and explore what it’s like to live without modern utilities.

I won’t ramble on about it, but the book really does get you thinking.

My next step is figuring where/how to go about getting a good place to do something like this in my surrounding area. Any ideas? South Florida.

This is what the book looks like:

Twelve by Twelve by William Powers

I found this apartment the other day on Apartment Therapy and I really liked the interior. It’s simple with lots of shelving and storage. It’s located in New York City and is 400 square feet although it looks smaller than that to me.

Lauren, the owner, has studied architecture and she definitely put that to use in the renovation of her small apartment. The end result is shown below–great flooring, colors, clever storage, and a great layout considering what she had to work with.

The custom made bed has lots of storage–there are shoes and even a kayak under it!

Lauren's Tiny Apartment
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Hong Kong has 7 million inhabitants and many have no choice but to live in small spaces.

This includes families too.

Gary Chang created an incredible high tech apartment that features 24 different possible configurations.

At just 330 square feet that’s pretty amazing, don’t you think?

The entire walls move so that the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and everything else transforms as needed.

I think you’ll be amazed when you watch the video tour thanks to Faircompanies.

The home is nicknamed, “Domestic Transformer”. Check it out..


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