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While we’ve shown you a few versions of the Timbercraft Denali XL, this one is unique because it has absolutely no lofts! Set on a 10-foot-wide trailer, it’s a whopping 42 feet long and is technically classified as a park model.

It’s a great set up for a retired couple. The back door walks into a spacious living area that seamlessly blends into the kitchen that includes a dishwasher (a must for me!). In the bathroom you’ll find a flush toilet, washer and dryer unit, and a stand-up shower stall. At the very back of the THOW is the wonderful bedroom with cathedral ceilings — you’ll feel like you’re falling asleep in a resort every night.

All finishes can be customized, so if you’d love something like this be sure to contact Timbercraft Tiny Homes here.

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Is This The Perfect Retirement THOW?

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