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It took married couple Edwin and Clara 2.5 years to build it, but they moved into their very own DIY THOW just a month before California went into lockdown due to coronavirus. Their home sits on 27 acres in Northern CA — the absolute perfect spot to shelter-in-place.

This home was a true labor of love, with it’s post-and-beam construction created from wood they milled at a friend’s wood mill! They were both incredibly dissatisfied with their concrete jungle lifestyle in San Diego, where they worked too many hours and struggled financially. Their DIY home cost $30,000 to build, but it’s given them a new freedom with their time and more connection to the nature all around them.

We got to interview the amazing couple, so enjoy the photo tour of their incredible home below and then read the Q&A! And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @tinyhomewildadventures.

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Post and Beam Tiny House on Wheels with Luxurious Shower

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Ian designed and built this 100 sq. ft. timber frame tiny house several years ago. It took many years of hard work and dedication but now he gets to enjoy the benefits of his little cabin. It’s called the Little Timber House.

This timber frame tiny home was built using new, reclaimed and salvaged materials and it even includes a solar panel power set up along with a simple rainwater collection system to make it off-grid ready.

This means Ian can run his computer, lights, and water heater without being hooked up to the grid! Pretty awesome, right? I think so! Either way please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Man Builds 100 Sq. Ft. Timber Frame Tiny House

Ians 100 Sq Ft Little Timber House Solar Panels

Images © littletimberhouse.blogspot.com

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