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Update: this session is closed.

If you’ve been thinking about moving into a tiny house, small apartment, cabin, RV, or boat, but feel like you have too much stuff, this is for you.

Maybe you want to simply stay in your current home but want to overcome the frustration, overwhelm and stress when it comes to de-cluttering so you can finally get your home in order (whether it’s tiny or not), then this article is also for you.

How to Downsize to Tiny and/or Tidy Up Your Current Home!

Image © Escape Homes

Image © Escape Homes

Tidy To Tiny is a 5 day system (takes less than an hour a day to go through) that helps you cut through your clutter fast.

After that, whether or not you still decide to go into a tiny house, small house, or just stay in your current house – is your choice.

My goal is to help you change the way you think about your stuff and help you cut through your clutter as fast and efficiently as possible.

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Have you been thinking about the steps you need to take in order to start living a tiny life? If so, you’ve probably already been thinking about simplifying and smart-sizing your life.

Maybe you need that little nudge, that determined motivation, to get you started.

Or maybe you just need some help figuring out “where the hell do I start?” I know it can seem like a daunting task to downsize your belongings, bills, and lifestyle (I’ve done it myself!)

My good friend Mariah has a helpful, fun, and challenging step by step course called Tiny Transition and Downsizing, that will get you on the path to smart-sizing, simplified freedom in no time.

Tiny Transition Course Starts Soon!

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