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This is Robin’s beautiful tiny house, designed with a full kitchen for her baking and a cozy downstairs bedroom. She shares the home with her two chihuahuas, Jack and Louie.

They live in a community called Park Delta Bay in Northern California. She has a dishwasher drawer, a full bathroom with a tiled shower, and a storage loft over her bedroom. Outside, she has a spacious deck that extends her living area.

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Four Years Tiny in THOW w/ Downstairs Bedroom

Baker and Her chihuahuas in Their Tiny Heirloom

Images via Robin

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Caris and Jake got married fresh out of college and wanted a place of their own. Lo and behold they were able to find a tiny house ready-built by Decathlon Tiny Homes (the Zeus model) and a spot in a tiny house village to park it in just two weeks!

While they didn’t customize their tiny house, they have made it home with their own finishes and decorations. The red kitchen is particularly striking!

Because they went from sharing a room in Jake’s dad’s home to living tiny, they hadn’t accumulated a lot of the stuff some other couples may have. That’s made the tiny house transition all the easier! Be sure to check out their video interview at the end of the post, and follow them on Instagram here.

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Going Tiny Fresh Out of College!

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Meet Grace! This is her tiny house on wheels that she lives in with her fiance Ryan and dog Tofu. They settled on the ONE model from ESCAPE and found a gorgeous wooded spot for it to live on the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border.

Grace (@inner.grace on Instagram) works as a yoga instructor and health/mindset coach and her plant-filled home couldn’t feel more peaceful. We interviewed her about her decision to go tiny and her minimalist lifestyle, so be sure to check out the Q&A at the end of the post!

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Grace’s Plant-Filled Oasis Tiny Home in Massachusetts

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We all love admiring staged tiny houses, captured by professional photography in ambient light, but have you ever wondered what these tiny houses look like after they’ve been lived in for a while? Or what they look like once the staging furniture is gone and your stuff is inside?

Andy Bretz over at THoW – Economic Hippie shared a whole album of pictures showing his lived-in THOW. We featured the builder’s pictures last month, so go check those out first and compare it to the sampling shown below! Plus on the last page you can read our interview with Andy about his tiny life, including his love of cooking and the challenges tiny living brings.

Want to see even more pictures? Check out the rest of his album here.

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Lived-In Tiny House: Andy’s Life in his Westbury THOW

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