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This is a student-built Lee Tiny House that’s up for online auction.

The students at the Lee County Area Technology Center, located in Beattyville, KY, have built a Tiny House with the grant funding they received from KVEC’s Building It Forward project. Now completed, the Tiny House is up for online auction. The link to the online auction is here. The funds from the sale go back to the Lee County ATC for students to do another Tiny House project next year.

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Student-Built Lee Tiny House on Wheels for Auction in Beattyville, Kentucky

Images via The Holler

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This is the Tiny Tudor, a THOW built by Odyssey Leadership Academy students in Oklahoma with the help of local professionals.

Upwards of $50,000 in labor and supplies was donated by community members, businesses and sponsors to fund the students’ amazing project, and I must say this is probably the most beautiful student-built tiny home I’ve seen! It includes high-end appliances, a very cozy seating room, a functional kitchen and a loft bedroom.

Like many student-built homes, this one is for sale, but it’s being sold via online auction (now closed). You have until May 3 to make your bid right here, and the house is going for $24,600 (sold for $44,898) at the time of publication. You can visit the home at different Oklahoma locations outlined on their tour page here.

Read the full story from NewsOK about the project here. Questions? Contact Sara at 405.513.1267 or [email protected].

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Odyssey Leadership Academy Builds Tiny Tudor: Auction

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