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Remember Alek’s amazing DIY tiny house on wheels that I showed you a while back?

If you haven’t seen it be sure you check it out because it’s one of my favorite designs.

And now I’m glad to announce that Alek has made the plans available for us to purchase.

This means you can download the plans and build a tiny home just like theirs.

Or you can take the SketchUp File he provides and customize it to your own needs more specifically (if you wanted).

The Tiny Project Tiny House Plans and SketchUp Files


See and learn more (for free) below before you buy:

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Meet Alek, Anjali and Anya.

They’re a young couple with a little dog.

And they’ve been building they own mortgage-free tiny home on a 8×20 trailer.

It was designed in SketchUp and every little bit of the process has been documented on their blog.

The tiny house has everything you’d need, including:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Hot water
  • Kitchen
  • Washer/Dryer

And much more! Best of all the house is mortgage-free.

Alek, Anjali & Anya's Mortgage-free DIY Tiny Home on Wheels

What would you do without expensive rent or a mortgage?

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