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If you’re seriously into tiny living and learning even more about the tiny house movement and you haven’t already read Dee Williams’ book, The Big Tiny, which is available April 28th, 2015 (but you can pre-order now) on paperback, it’s a great time to get it so we can support Dee’s work.

It’s funny because Dee just let me know about it and wanted me to get the word out to you. And she sent me a picture that I thought you might also enjoy. It’s one of Dee’s copies of the book (with no dust cover) that was devoured by her friend’s dog, Walter. 😀

Dee Williams’ The Big Tiny Available In Paperback

Image © Dee Williams

Image © Dee Williams

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Not long ago I told you about Dee Williams and her book tour for The Big Tiny.

Not that many of us got to go visit her while she was touring (lucky for you if you did!) but in case you missed her you can at least see some of what you missed right here (below). Below is a video of her speech in Boulder, Colorado where she met fans, signed book copies, and shared her story with others. Please enjoy and re-share. 🙂

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Dee Williams on Tiny Housing in Boulder, Colorado

If you’re interested you can get a copy of Dee’s book The Big Tiny. She also offers a book on how to build tiny houses, plans, and workshops at her company PAD Tiny Houses.

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