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This is the We Shelter People Tiny House.

It’s a modern, 20-foot tiny house on wheels for sale out of Taos, New Mexico for $49,999. Take a look!

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Brand New Modern Tiny House For $50k

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This is Neha’s Tranquil Taos Tiny House.

She and her family live here for a few months a year and you can scroll down to read our interview with her!

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Neha’s Tranquil Taos Tiny House


Images via Neha

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Here’s a 204 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels for sale right now with the asking price of $42,000. It’s located in Taos, New Mexico.

The natural materials make this tiny house cozy and warm. With 10 ft ceilings and many windows the space is surprisingly spacious.

“The kitchen was designed with a chef in mind- 8ft long cherry countertops, a classic 50‘s “Roper Rangette” fits 2 half sheet pans, and has four burners, a stainless steel hood above the range for circulation, a generous porcelain farm sink, and large windows for views while doing everyday culinary activities.” – Peter W. Gilroy, owner

Peter W. Gilroy, owner of this tiny house built and designed it himself in October 2012 using new and recycled  eco-friendly materials.

If you are interested in buying this tiny house you should know it can be easily moved with a dually diesel truck.

Below are some photos of this tiny house on wheels.

204 Sq. Ft. Tiny House For Sale in New Mexico


Images © Peter W. Gilroy

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