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Channing is such an inspiration! Not only is she an elite athlete as Team USA Paralympian Kayaker, she doesn’t let anything stand in her way. She was tired of plane trips and missing out on the places she traveled with her team, so she decided to build out her own wheelchair-friendly truck camper, so she could travel on her own time, save money, and see what she wanted to see!

Her truck has hand controls, she rigged up a bathroom system that works for her, and she carries her motorized off-roading trike on a pull-away bar on the back of the rig. Inside she has a couch pad, a “loft” bedroom, and all she needs to make food. What an awesome woman!

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She Bikes, Paddles, and Explores The Country

Team USA Paralympian Kayaker Travels in Her DIY Truck Camper

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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