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This is the story of Unstoppable Morgan and her Ford Bronco Tiny Home that she built herself.

She lives and travels in it with her two dogs. Her Bronco features an office with a desktop computer, bed, storage throughout, toilet with septic, and a custom ramp so her little dogs can get in and out. It’s the ultimate adventure vehicle!

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She Turned Her Ford Bronco Into A Tiny House

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This is a nomadic woman living and traveling out of her Montero SUV brought to you thanks to a video from Enigmatic Nomadics.

From the outside, you’ll notice a white SUV with a roof pod for extra storage.

When you go inside, you’ll find a bed and tons of totes for storage. Watch her talk about her nomadic life in the video below.

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Nomadic Woman Living/Traveling out of her Montero SUV!


Images © Enigmatic Nomadics via YouTube

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