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Mindy is one incredible woman! She purchased her 2003 Honda Element in 2008 to use for her catering business, and in 2022 she decided to convert it into a camper for travel. When her home sold in just 24 hours, she decided to just live full-time in her rig until she found the perfect piece of land to settle down on.

She’s been on the road for 19 months, living out of just 35 square feet. Even with all the upgrades she’s made to make her rig, she’s only spent $5.5K on the conversion and her 20-year-old vehicle is still going strong. You’re going to love seeing the way she’s meticulously designed her home on wheels to fit everything she needs, and nothing she doesn’t.

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Full-Time Living in 35 Sq. Ft. in her SUV

Over 50, Living in Her Honda Element!

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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