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Designers, artists and environmentalists Geoff and Rose spent two years taking this 1988 Motorhome and transforming into an eco-friendly and incredibly cozy tiny house!

While the truck still runs they don’t intend to travel in it, but rather have it parked on a 200 acre farm in rural Ontario (they even have their own chickens). Neither Geoff nor Rose have building experience, so they learned as they went and carefully researched everything. They even insulated the whole home with wool they cleaned themselves! Woah.

We got the chance to do a Q&A with Geoff which you can read below the photo tour. They documented the entire build from start to finish on Instagram (@woollymammothtiny) so be sure to follow them to get even more details.

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Couple’s Wooly-Mammoth Motorhome Cabin

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This is a sustainable small house with solar-power and rainwater-collection near Melbourne, Australia that you can rent on Airbnb.

It’s a sustainable off-grid home on a secluded 20 acres with rainwater collection, solar panels, batteries, a Rota-Loo composting toilet system, and eleven cows on the property. How would you like to live in a setting like this?

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Sustainable Off-Grid Small House with Solar and Rainwater System in Victoria, Australia

Small House with Solar-Power and Rainwater-Collection

Photos via Robert/Airbnb

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This is Taylor & Steph’s Incredible 560 Sq. Ft. Earthship Home in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.

The couple built their home out of recycled materials in a way that’s sustainable and good for the environment. They had no construction skills, lived off-grid for a long time and managed to do it with less than $10,000. They’ve even shared their journey and explained the concept of Earthship Homes via a photo book. So they started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the funds for printing. Be sure to head over there, watch their inspirational video, and consider getting your own copy of “Nomadic Roots.” which is now available on Amazon (affiliate link).

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Taylor & Steph’s $10k Earthship Home

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These are proposed designs for Salt and Water’s Portable Tiny House that’s not on wheels.

It’s an eco-friendly space that both opens to the outdoors and closes up for transport.

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Salt and Water’s Portable Tiny House (not on wheels!)


Images © Salt and Water

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This is the Greenmoxie tiny house on wheels.

Built in Ontario Canada, it’s completely sustainable and off-grid ready.

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Amazing Greenmoxie Tiny House with Folding Deck

Amazing Greenmoxie Tiny House with Folding Deck

Images © Greenmoxie

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This is a one-of-a-kind off-grid tiny house by Elevate Structure.

From the outside you’ll notice is resembles a treehouse, doesn’t it? Even more interesting, it’s literally a living house because of the live plant siding.

The base is just 40 sq. ft. which minimizes the impact this micro home has on the earth is sits on. This area can be used for rainwater storage or even as a drive through in a commercial setting. Pretty interesting, right?

The upper level is highly customizable and can range anywhere between 256 sq. ft. and 800 sq. ft. depending on what you need. Currently the company offers six different designs.

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Elevated Off-Grid Tiny House with Live Plant Siding

Elevated Off-Grid Tiny House with Live Plant Siding

Images © Elevate Structure

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This Prefab ZeroHouse is a guest post by Pamela Putnam

Introducing zeroHouse, a small, prefabricated building that can easily be shipped and quickly erected. It is completely self-sufficient and incredibly comfortable. Most notably you can live here without having any external utilities connected or even waste disposal connections! It’s fully self sufficient. Let’s go on a tour…

Enter zeroHouse through the front entry, which is a Kevlar reinforced door shell with vacuum-sealed aerogel insulating core.  You will see the living room to your right, furnished with a modular wraparound couch, 42″ LCD TV, and ample built-in storage.  To your left is the kitchen, equipped with a full array of high-efficiency appliances, including an induction cooktop, microwave oven, and full-size refrigerator. The dining area includes a restaurant-style booth, and comfortably seats four adults.

Climb the stairs located in the entry to the second floor, where you will find two bedrooms, each furnished with a king-size bed, window seat, and large closet. The full bathroom, which features a large shower, full vanity, and a porcelain low-flush toilet, opens onto its own private sun-deck with outdoor shower and lounge chairs. A covered deck off the upstairs entry provides the perfect rooftop area for outdoor living.

Prefab ZeroHouse is Off-Grid and Fully Sustainable


Images © Specht Harpman

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Stream Belmont and Stream Real Estate together with NK Architects has built a 6-story, 70-unit net zero sustainable apartments in Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood.

This is a very walkable neighborhood so you can easily get to restaurants, transportation, and shops by foot without the need to own a car.

The builders are offering studio apartments (461 sq. ft.), 1 bedrooms (599 sq. ft.), and 2 bedrooms with loft options for each. In addition, they each get private balconies and access to a rooftop deck for views of downtown.

Sustainable design features of the apartment building include meeting LEED Gold certification standards, reverse cycle air-to-water chillers to heat hot water, reflective roofing, LED lighting throughout, Energy Star appliances inside, and passive cooling design.

Seattle Gets a Net Zero Luxury Sustainable Apartments


Images © Stream Belmont

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When Bill Southworth of Hybrid Propulsion began traveling with his Rottweiler he was unhappy with where he had to end up staying. That’s why he ended up creating the 80 sq. ft. transforming cargo trailer stealth tiny house I’m showing you right now.

His options before designing and building this unique little cabin on wheels was to stay at motels that were rather unpleasant or high end dog-friendly hotels that were way too expensive. After looking at most of the travel trailer options out there, he was also unhappy with how large, ugly, inefficient, and awfully constructed they were.

Inspired by Graham Hill’s transforming apartment in NYC, he set his mind on creating a way to build his own hotel on wheels. And that’s how this beautiful 16′ Haulmark cargo trailer turned modern micro cabin on wheels was born.

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Man Builds Dog-friendly Stealth Cargo Trailer Tiny Home


Images © Bill Southworth

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