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Today we get to introduce you to Sustainability Tiny Homes, a new tiny house builder in Romania that’s building homes for the European market! This is their flagship model, a 19-foot tiny house on wheels with a single loft over the kitchen/bathroom area.

The house has simple finishes which gives you room to customize it. Add a hot plate and mini fridge, a cozy couch, and a queen bed for the loft, and you have a great little house! Tell us what you think in the comments.

  • Introducing Sustainability Tiny Homes: A new Romanian builder crafting 19ft eco-friendly tiny houses on wheels for the European market.
    Chic Design with Customization: The Flagship model offers a single loft above the kitchen/bathroom, inviting personal touches.
    Eco-Conscious Living: These homes embrace sustainability with thermal insulation, green windows, and more, promoting harmonious living.

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19 Ft. Single Loft Tiny Home in Romania for $42.5K

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