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I’ve been wanting to share these little A-frame cabins with you on the sunshine coast of British Columbia for quite a while now.

They’re submitted anonymously from one of our wonderful readers and are on a property with a total of 5 A-frame cabins.

The one I’m showing you here has recently been renovated with a little bit of paint. Soon, the kitchen will be modernized.

And since the owner/dweller is getting a little bit too old for stairs, they’re planning on building an extension for a bedroom so they don’t have to crawl into bed anymore using a ladder. I hope you enjoy this small A-frame cabin and that it inspires you towards the right size home for you. As always, feel free to re-share using the share buttons below if you want to and share your thoughts about it in the comments too.

Community of Little A-frame Cabins on the Sunshine Coast of BC


I hope you enjoy the tour of this beautiful little A-frame cabin below along with a quick look at the other 4 cabins on the property too:

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