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Cairo is one incredible person! He writes poetry, does photography, teaches nutrition and breathwork, and films and edits movies and commercials. And he sings! And now he does it all from the studio annex he built in his parents’ urban backyard in the UK. The home is a minimalist marvel, and if you’re into clean lines and white interiors, you’re going to adore this space.

All in all, the build came in around $132,000 since they were constructing it in 2020, while material prices were skyrocketing. Still, Cairo sees it as an investment since it’s raised the value of his parent’s property, and someday that will come back to him in an inheritance.

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Poet/Singer/Photographer+ in his Backyard Studio

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While tiny houses are great spaces to live in, they’re also the perfect vacation option, allowing more privacy and versatility than a hotel room. That’s why Dillon Beach Resort ordered three awesome studios from Tru Form Tiny to add to their resort.

Each of the homes has the same layout, with a living room at one end with a pull-out bed, a kitchen space in the middle and a little bathroom at the end. To differentiate the models, the client chose unique tiles and color schemes. So lovely!

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Three Stylish Studios For Tiny Vacationers

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This is a no loft studio tiny house on wheels for sale with a rustic style in Alvin, Texas. Update: Sold.

It’s custom built on an 8×18 trailer with 10,000 lb axles which includes brakes.

This tiny home is built using 2×4 construction, low E windows, and all screw construction. When you go inside you’ll find a full kitchenette with toe kick storage, a multifunctional living area, bathroom, and a storage loft. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

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Studio Tiny House on Wheels For Sale

Studio Tiny House on Wheels For Sale

Images © Dennis Baxa

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