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Nan got in touch with us to show off her awesome 20×24 storage building that she was able to transform into a tiny house rental with the help of a family friend “jack of all trades.”

She said the majority of the $50K spent on the conversion went to installing a new water system and retaining wall, but regardless, the results are stunning! The interior has one bedroom and it all has a beautiful modern farmhouse feel. Check it out below.

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She Made this Storage Unit into a Tiny House Rental

20 x 24 sq ft storage building turned tiny home for $50K 13

Images via Nan Woodson

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When there’s a shortage of affordable housing people are forced into creativity and the solutions that these situations help create usually turn out to be pretty amazing. Like this 387 square feet storage unit turned into a micro home by architect Karin Matz based in Stockholm.

For 30 years the unit had been used for storage. In the 1980s the previous owner had started to renovate it into an apartment but the owner became sick and unfortunately passed away. So up until recently the unit was left untouched.

Instead of completely gutting the place Matz decided that the finished product would tell the story. So she focused on renovating one key area and left the rest of the space to look as original as possible. This way in many parts of the home you can actually see how it used to look before it was a completed home.

Storage Unit Micro Home Renovation


Images © Karin Matz

The result is pretty cool, don’t you think? I think so! If you’d like take the tour of the rest of this little home below then if you want to you can share your best thoughts in the comments down at the bottom.

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