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This is to let you know that the Stem-n-Leaf Tiny House Plans are on a New Year Sale. Not sure if you remember, but the designer, Adam Rasmussen, of tmbrz, shared some of his designs with us back in 2015 as part of our 8×12 tiny house design contest back then (that was fun!).

Anyway, not long after that, Adam designed and developed the Stem-n-Leaf Tiny House which we featured here. It’s been several years now, and so, if you liked that design now is a really great time to invest in the plans so you can build it later because they’re on sale for 80% off which brings the price down quite a bit. The basic plans, for example are only $20 down from $100. The full plans are $35 down from $175, and the plans + model (which include SketchUp files), are only $40 down from $200. Pretty awesome! Anyway, if you want to learn more about it below and spread the word. Thanks.

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Stem-n-Leaf Tiny House Plans New Year Sale 80% Off

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This is the 243 sq. ft. Stem-n-Leaf tiny house on wheels by Adam Rasmussen of TMBRZ.

It features opposing roof lines, a recessed entry, and contrasting siding which makes it very unique.

Inside, you’ll find light walls, colorful cabinets, cork flooring, and touches of finished plywood to give it a clean and contemporary feel. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

243 Sq. Ft. Stem-n-Leaf Tiny House Plans

Stem-n-leaf THOW by TMBRZ 001

Images © tmbrz

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