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This is the Arden, a stealth van conversion with a luxury rain shower built on a 144 wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter cargo van by LTV Customs featuring an impressive interior.

It has a cockpit with seating for three thanks to a unique two-seater swivel passenger bench seat. Check it out and learn more below!

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The Arden Stealth Van Conversion by LTV Customs

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This is the story of Blake’s new tiny house which happens to be a van conversion.

Back in 2019, we told you the story of his original tiny house on wheels, but he has since sold it and moved on to van life. So here’s what happened!

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Blake’s Life In A Stealth Van Conversion

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This is a stealth and modern Dodge Ram ProMaster van build that’s for sale. It’s designed to be super-stealthy on the outside and ultra-modern on the inside.

The van also features a third seat that could be used as a desk or a place to eat since it has an aerospace-like fold-out table. But this could also make for a nice way to bring an extra person with you on adventures! This “Redwood” diesel van was built by Van Makers and is available for $79,000 with 85,000 miles out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Check it out!

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Modern Dodge Ram ProMaster Van Build With A Third Seat (For Sale)

Stealth Modern Dodge Ram ProMaster Van Build With A Third Seat For Sale via Van Makers 001

Images via Van Makers

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This is the story of Gretchen’s stealth camper van conversion. She bought a van, moved in with her two Scotties (named Flanagan and Campbell), and then eventually had it insulated and converted by purchasing a kit from a company in Colorado that specializes in van conversions! So here’s how it all went down.

I (and my two scotties, Flanagan and Campbell) set off from Seattle to Colorado Springs in mid-October to have the kit installed at Wayfarer vans.

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Gretchen’s DIY/Stealth Camper Van Conversion

Gretchens Super Van Conversion 001

Images © Gretchen L.

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This is the story of Melanie and George’s custom van conversion. You can also find them over at asmalllife.com and @asmalllife on Instagram. So here’s their story, in their own words.

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Melanie and George’s Custom Van Conversion!

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