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Rachel’s comfortable van has everything, including a great indoor shower set-up. She chose a U-shaped dinette to maximize space for working and eating, and it all transforms into her bed at night. She has a TV/monitor, lots of storage, and a huge refrigerator to help her eat clean.

As a personal trainer, she needs to stay fit. So she has an entire collapsible squat rack and her bench and other weights she can pull out when she’s parked. Quite the rig! Enjoy the tour.

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Personal Trainer Chasing the Sun in Her DIY Van Conversion

Personal Trainer’s Van Complete with Squat Rack 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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When times got tough, Sarah was able to arrange to live tiny in a travel trailer that’s set up as a stationary tiny house, with her two dogs, too.

Initially, she had plans to do a van conversion, and move to Europe with it, but for now, she’s staying put where she’s at, in Lanzarote while running her own business producing, marketing, and selling camper-life related products.

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Living Tiny In A Caravan On A Volcanic Island In The Atlantic With Van Life In Her Future

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