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A year out of undergrad, Mariah found herself in an emotional — and financial — crisis. She was trying to make sense of some childhood instability and find direction, when she stumbled upon a woman living in her tiny house. Graciously, that THOW-owner welcomed Mariah to look around, and that’s when everything changed for her.

She had no building experience (and not a lot of money), but after four years she had completed her amazing tiny house, and she’s been living in it for three years. Her self-built success inspired her to start a tiny house coaching/spacial design company, which supports her.

Some of the home’s unique features include a half-loft bedroom, sky-lit shower, and Shou-Sugi Ban clapboarding that Mariah burned herself! Enjoy the Tiny House Giant Journey interview below.

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From No Building Experience to Self-Built Home-Owner

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