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Savannah had dreams on #vanlife but originally was worried about what others would think of her. Thankfully, she decided to outfit her own DIY van after realizing no one was living her life but her!

The “Babe Cave” she built is gorgeous, with a full-sized bed, micro kitchen, and space for her cat and copilot, George. You’ll love the huge drawers that she can access from the back of her van in the garage space.

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Life in Her Boho Camper Van Conversion

Savannah’s Babe Cave Compact Van Conversion 3

Images by Tiny Home Tours

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This is the story of Jennelle Eliana and why she moved into a van by choice at 20-years-old.

She decided to make a big life change with the help of a van that she bought for $2,500.

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She Moved Into a Van At 20 (Here’s Why And How)

Why She Moved Into A Van At 20 via Jennelle Eliana YouTube 001

Images via Jennelle Eliana/YouTube

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