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This is a 900-sq.-ft. prefab small house by Orbit Homes that’s designed to be used as a guest house, ADU, granny flat, in-law suite, pool house, art studio, writer’s cabin, temporary housing, or backyard office/storage.

The Moon Model is 900-sq.-ft. and offers 2-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms. It’s modern, contemporary, prefabricated, and customizable.

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Two Bedroom Modern Prefab Small House by Orbit Homes

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This is a sustainable small house with solar-power and rainwater-collection near Melbourne, Australia that you can rent on Airbnb.

It’s a sustainable off-grid home on a secluded 20 acres with rainwater collection, solar panels, batteries, a Rota-Loo composting toilet system, and eleven cows on the property. How would you like to live in a setting like this?

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Sustainable Off-Grid Small House with Solar and Rainwater System in Victoria, Australia

Small House with Solar-Power and Rainwater-Collection

Photos via Robert/Airbnb

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This is the Tiny Oak Cabin by Out of the Valley Cabins in the United Kingdom. It’s built by Rupert McKelvie. Enjoy!

Out of the Valley specializes in designing and building environmentally sensitive cabins with a focus on off grid living.

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Modern/Minimalist Tiny Oak Cabin

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This is the Fremont Tiny House in Wyoming that belongs to Jessica and James Wooten.

It was built by Luke Anderson and this model starts at $95,000.

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Fremont Tiny House in Wyoming by Luke Anderson

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This is the story of a man living out of his Prius.

Would you ever consider doing something like this?

On the outside of his Prius, you’ll notice it has a roof pod, or “attic”, for extra storage.

When you look inside you’ll see a bed, closet area and even a small stove top for cooking.

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Man Living out of his Prius


Images © Chris Sawey

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I have been hesitant to write about this but I know that some of you are looking for ways to start your own simple Internet-based business and I love this topic because it’s what I’m doing full-time and it’s intriguing.

This post is for you if you have that interest or if you already run a small business and are looking for ways to expand so you can reach more people.

So let’s jump right in.

There are so many ways to go about building a business online. I’m going to take you through seven different ways that I am familiar.

I’ll only show you businesses you can start and run from a really small space. Since you’re here on some kind of computer, you can most likely start with what you’re already using.

Providing High Value Information On A Topic (#1-6)

Whether you can help others pass a professional exam or if you just want to share information on a subject that you are passionate about it’s never been simpler to make it on your own as a researcher/writer/publisher than it is today.

And writing is only the beginning because you can provide information through audio podcasts and videos too.

Publishing Platforms

  • Free blogs (WordPress, Blogger, TypePad)
  • Writing for places large websites where you receive a percentage of revenue forever (no costs)
  • Website (if you want to build advertising income)
  • Paid blog (easy to start and you get full control versus free versions)
  • Podcast (audio programs – if you like to talk)
  • Video (if you are comfortable with video)

Ways You’d Make Money

I won’t let you expect this to be easy because it’s not. It will take you at least six months of consistent, focused effort to see results in income.

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Small house pictures always motivate me in some way to simplify my life even more. Especially when I find one of those houses that seem to have achieved a sort of perfection.

Since you’re here, I’m sure you like them too. And you’re probably thinking about different ways to downsize.

Well I know you’ll love these links if you’re…

  • looking for interior design ideas
  • just browsing for fun/entertainment
  • trying to see what living small is like
  • looking for inspiration to build your own
  • thinking about simplifying your life even more

Enjoy… Just click on any of the pictures or on the house name if you want to see and learn more about it. All the links will keep you here at Tiny House Talk but they will open in a new window/tab so you can click on the rest. Which is your favorite?

I like the 320 square foot garage conversion the best… Or the dome cabin it’s a hard choice! The 400 SF 20k house would be great if you could add more windows and update the interior, but it was obviously made on a budget.

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400 SF 20k House

400 Square Foot House

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Have you ever thought of building your own tiny log cabin in the woods?

When I found this guy’s videos on Youtube I was pretty excited. He has built at least two really small log houses in the woods using materials within 100 feet of the construction sites all by himself. Imagine doing all the notching yourself along with shingling your own roof with materials you found. That’s what this guy did with the help of some power tools. He even made his own flooring which you’ll see in a minute (if you can stream videos). Both projects were done as a one man show, that’s part of the reason both houses are so tiny.

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How to Build Your own Tiny Log Cabin

Tiny Log Cabin in the Woods

The first cabin project was more of an experiment which took a total of 100 hours of labor. This one used 5 fir trees, some saplings, a bag of screws, mortar, concrete blocks, thick poly, and a zinc strip for the roof.

It sits on 4 big rocks for a foundation and the floor is made out of dirt. He used a half notch for its simplicity using a hand saw, an axe, and a mallet. Here, check out the progress in the video below…

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Unique teardrop tiny houses… yeah, that’s the best I could come up with to describe this mini cabin.

It’s meant for camping but it has a comfortable king size bunk bed, plenty of storage, and a beautiful interior. The window is positioned on the ceiling to bring in light and breeze.

They call it the E-den. It’s even got a covered front porch and has an easy BBQ set up (part of the canvas opens up for ventilation).

Everything is fully insulated and the windows are double glazed. This is awesome!

Inside it’s 11′ by 6’9″ and 6’9″ high

Outside 14′ by 8′ and 9′ high

Deck is 14′ by 7′

The designer/builders, Timber Tradesmen, are marketing these to property owners who can rent them out to campers.

Teardrop Tiny House

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